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This course is specially designed for those candidates who have obtained a Student Pilot License (SPL) or a Private Pilot License (PPL) but have not completed the required flying hours for obtaining a Commercial Pilot License (CPL).

The CFP course at CAA includes single engine flying, Multi-Engine Rating, Ground Studies, Simulator Training and Instrument Rating. This training is conducted as per a time bound schedule to complete the flying hours necessary for issue of a Commercial Pilot License with an instrument rating.

Candidates are expected to complete 200 hours for CPL on a single engine aircraft. Alternatively, candidates can opt for 185 hours on single engine and 15 hours on multi-engine aircraft, which is highly recommended before applying for job positions with airlines.

For more details kindly visit DGCA website link D7B-B1

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Please note this is part of the Commercial Pilot License course. For anybody who applies only for a single engine IR, the course details are as follows:

Course Overview

  • Educational Qualification

    SPL/Candidates who have 10 + 2 certificate with Physics and Mathematics will be eligible for Commercial Pilot License in India and can apply for this programme
  • Medical

    Class I Medical (Indian)
  • Age

    18 years on the date of joining CAA
  • Prerequisite

    As of now this course is offered only to Indian Nationals
  • Course Type

    Full Time but dependent on individuals flying Experience
  • Others

    As required, dependent on candidates flying Experience
  • Batch Size

    As per Interview
  • Induction Time

    Single Engine - General Flying on CESSNA 172 Glass Cockpit, Hours Candidate Dependent
    Cross Country - On CESSNA 172 Glass Cockpit, Hours Candidate Dependent
    Instrument Flying - On CESSNA 172 Glass Cockpit, Hours Candidate Dependent
    Flight Simulator - On Glass Cockpit with 120 degree Visual Display, Hours Candidate Dependent

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Chimes Aviation Academy is on a rapid growth path. We have aggressive expansion plans and are wanting to add to our team of

a) Ground Training School Instructors

b) Flying Instructors

In case you possess the required skills and experience, you are invited to email your resume, copy of certificates, evidence of qualification and experience to