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June 7, 2020
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June 7, 2020

The number of the joint factors will reduce in addition to the meeting workmanship of the surface being coated through the use of

the sandwich panels, manufactured in lengths as much as 18 meters, within the buildings. With the developed transportation and

carriage means, the better wall and roof surfaces can be coated in a short time. 10 min./m2

assembly time for the walls

and eight min./m2 assembly time for the roofs can be utilized as data. Whilst the sandwich panel does not restrict the quantity of

the structure or the height of the building, the limit values are determined in keeping with the bearing construction.

Though the standard part and limited length alternatives of the sandwich panels, unlimited design

alternatives are offered to the designers. The walls acquire visible mobility by means of utilizing variable colors or coating the

panels in vertical, horizontal or angled positions. Even with the aid of the multi-purposed panels within the interior elements, the

design possibilities of the designers improve.

The joint details cover the factors linked from panel to panel and from panel to the bearing construction. Tight joints

that fulfill the insulation capabilities might be provided by using double lamp-bush kind in the wall panels and usually

utilizing lamp-bush form in the roof panels as well as utilizing lateral overlay. What is predicted from the joint factors indeed

is the air-tightness, thermal insulation and easy assembly possibility. What’s required with easy meeting is the full

settlement of the elements to each other without difficulty. As a result of the carried out searches, it has been discovered that

the panels have one hundred time better air-tightness capability than probably the most certified windows. Furthermore, the panels used on

the wall are manufactured as hidden screw and due to this fact, aesthetic appearance is provided with none seen screw.

With a careful planning, nice growth and renewals can be carried out without having any impact on the actions

within the building. It enables the performance of longitudinal and lateral additions according to the construction of the

structure. Additionally, for the reason that panels might be disassembled and then assembled once more, they provide practical advantages in phrases

of financial system and application.

The sandwich panels shortly amortize their cost. In addition to the economical advantages offered in the course of the assembly,

the panels have more certain amortization advantages compared to other building supplies with their energy saving

due to the thermal insulation. Via reviewing the thermal conductivity values of the supplies, the financial savings obtained

from the thermal insulation will be easily determined comparatively. The polyurethane-stuffed sandwich panels have decrease

thermal transmission coefficient than all different related thermal insulation supplies and therefore, cause high insulation

values and energy earning. Therefore, the resources are protected. Even electrical generation will be doable by means

of finding sun skylights on the panels. In addition to the transportation time and prices, since the sandwich panels are

light and transmit less load to the bearing system of the construction, they reduce the essential building costs too and have

optimistic impact. Additionalmore, they have low-value upkeep besides their long-term utilization possibility. The fashionable

coatings on the panels enable the maintainability of the sandwich panels since they provide protection in opposition to high level

of corrosion and ultraviolet rays.

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