CPL Training Institute

Chimes Aviation Academy (CAA) offers fully integrated CPL training course.
Minimum Eligibility for CPL Training

Course Overview

Educational Qualification
Candidates having 10 + 2 certificate in Physics and Mathematics streams will be eligible for Commercial Pilot License.
Submission of class II Medical (Indian) from a designated medical practitioner. Please note that Class I Medical would be necessary for the issue of CPL.
Candidates should be 17 years on the date of joining CAA and 18 years or above for the issue of CPL.
Adequate competency in the English Language is required.
Course Type
Full time: Ground Studies+ Flying Training (Single Engine+Multi Engine) + Simulator + DGCA Examinations
12 months approx
Curriculum Overview
Flying Training
    Single Engine - 180 hrs on Single Engine Cessna-172 R aircraft equipped with Garmin-1000 glass cockpit.
    Multi Engine - 20 hours on Multi Engine Aircraft.
    Flight Simulator - 20 hours on Flight Simulator with 120 degree field of view and real time display of terrain and airports.
Ground Training
CAA provides each CPL candidate with 500 hours of Ground Training. The subjects included in CPL ground training course are:
    Air Regulations, Principles of Flight, Aero-Engines, Aircraft Systems, Flight Simulators, Navigation, Meteorology, Radio and Navigation aids, Human Performance & Limitations, Theory & Practical of Radio Telephony.
Examinations and Tests
    The CFI or a DGCA authorized examiner conduct the Flying Tests in accordance with DGCA rules and regulations. DGCA conducts Ground Subjects Written Tests as per the published schedule.
    The Department of Telecommunications conducts the Test for Radio Telephony Restricted License as per the published schedule.
Job Opportunities
    After obtaining the Commercial Pilot License, you are eligible to work as pilot-in-command and carry passengers throughout India and abroad. After undergoing further requisite training, you can fly the aircraft as professional Commercial Pilots in the various Airlines and with the state governments and private operators.
Expected Salary
    Aviation Sector is believed to be a lucrative field in terms of salary package. A Commercial Pilot License holder can expect a salary of around Rs. 1 lakh as a co-pilot. On qualifying as a Captain, after 4 to 5 years, the salary increases to around Rs. 2.5 to 3.5 lakhs per month.
CPL Training Fees estimate
    To know the total cost of Commercial Pilot License (CPL) training, contact CPL coordinator at :
    Mob:+91 98736 62370
    (Mon-Fri : 09:30 Hrs- 18:00 Hrs)
    Mail: admissions@caaindia.com